About us

My name is Jonathan Court and I am a web designer / graphic designer living in Phoenix, Arizona by way of Sussex, England (bit of a change!). I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division with an Associates degree in Web Design and Interactive Media.

Whilst at the Art Institute I learned to create easy to use effective websites and graphics utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. Within these programs I use HTML, CSS, some Javascript, some PHP and some ActionScript to create a simple but effective user experience.

I am currently a freelance web designer / graphic designer, although I am looking for full time employment with a creative team.

Within the site you will be able to find my Resume and previous work that I have completed both at school and while providing freelance work.

Outside of staring at the computer I am an avid hockey fan (season tickets with the Phoenix Coyotes) and have two cats named Mr Pibb and Minnie. Yes, I stereotypically like a cup of tea every now and again and no, I have never met the Queen!